• One Day Surgery

    One Day Surgery


  • Dermatology



  • Online Consultation

    Online Consultation


  • Dental and Orthodontic

    Dental and Orthodontic


  • Care Coordination

    Care Coordination

    We provide care coordination services for medically fragile individuals, and design and deliver training to providers and practices to enhance their ability to manage and deliver patient care.

  • Felixable Working Hours

    Felixable Working Hours

    We are glad to serve you over the Week From Sunday to Thursday 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

  • Qualified Doctors

    Qualified Doctors

    Our duty is to protect this public interest. By keeping up-to-date registers of qualified doctors, we aim to ensure that all registered doctors maintain the standards the public and the medical profession expect.

  • Dermatolgy Services

    Dermatolgy Services

    To help in determining the best approach to treatment and management of your condition, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and confidential environment for you to discuss your health concerns and goals. Looking and feeling your best is important to us.

Hair Care

-   Hair loss treatment

-  Plasma injection for hair

-  hair protein

-  Creatinehair

-  Meso- therapies

Skin Care

-  Laser hair removal

-  Face mask

-  The freshness of the skin

Body Care

-  Body sculpting

-  Firming

-  peeling 

-  Remove scars and lines

-  Remove tattoos


Dental and orthodontic clinic

-   treatment ortho  different 

-  cosmeticgum lightening

-  Teeth whitening

-  Cosmetic filling

-  Dental surgery

-  Pediatric Dentistry

-  Hollywood smile

-  implantology

Dermatology Clinic

-   thread by  lift  face 

-   Filler Injections

-   Injection plasma 

-  Diseases skin  of  Treatment 

-   skin lifting 

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